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Helping Hands Society of Cochrane & Area

4 staff – 300 volunteers – 10 programs – Serving the Vulnerable

Helping Hands is here for you!

If you could use a Helping Hand, please call 587-580-9448 or send us an email.

Working together to help those in need

Helping Hands volunteers are here to assist low income individuals and single parent families, seniors, chronically ill or injured, and newcomers with practical needs. Our clients are those who do not have a support network or financial resources to help themselves. We prioritize the needs of Cochrane but share resources with partnering organizations when need arises.

Helping Hands Cochrane offers 10 key programs for the community.  Each of these programs requires a team of volunteers, and we’re hoping you’ll join us to help!

You can learn more about each of our programs below:

Volunteer Driver Program2023-08-30T20:42:33+00:00

The Volunteer Driver Program was created as a transportation program designed to assist community members who are low income, seniors, ill or injured, access to affordable local and inter-municipal transportation (between communities) for their medical appointments and essential outings. Helping Hands drivers provided over 660 rides in 2021 and 825 in 2022. This is a very busy program; we are always seeking additional drivers.

Sign up to become a Volunteer Driver!

Summer Do Crew2023-08-30T20:42:51+00:00

This program is designed to assist community members who are unable to do their own landscaping tasks such as grass mowing and gardening due to medical conditions, illness, injury or age related issues. Knowing that someone is volunteering to do so is a small thing that makes a big difference. This can be on-going care at the same property or one-time, occasional assistance – whatever suits your schedule.

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Snow Helper Program2023-08-30T20:43:16+00:00

This program is designed to assist those who are unable to shovel their own walks and driveways due to medical conditions, illness, injury or age related issues. Knowing that someone is volunteering to do so is a small thing that makes a big difference. Typically 2 volunteers are assigned to the same property to take turns for the entire winter – if that suits your schedule.

Sign up to become a Snow Helper!

Movers With Heart2023-08-30T20:55:58+00:00

The Movers with Heart program is designed to assist those without personal supports with small moves within Cochrane – we are actively recruiting for this team! Sign up to become a Mover with Heart! 

Free Food Shed2023-08-30T20:56:18+00:00

Take what you need – Leave what you can.

This community food exchange program promotes food security while tackling food waste.  The program is structured as a “take what you need and leave what you can” free food initiative. It serves as an elegantly simple solution to community hunger that’s open and available 24/7 to anyone at any time.

Volunteers assist us daily with caretaking and cleaning shifts, food rescues, mini food drives, food bank collection and even grocery shopping opportunities.

Our East Shed is located at St. Andrew’s United Church 128 1 Street E.

Our West Shed can be found at the Bow Valley Baptist Church 54 W. Aarsby Rd.

Click here to volunteer!

Meal Teams2023-08-29T22:02:26+00:00

This program is designed to give small community groups, friends, family, or clubs an opportunity to work together to assist community members in crisis by providing a nutritious, homemade meal.

Learn more about Helping Hand’s Meal Team Program here.

Community Food Drives2023-03-08T21:56:18+00:00

Since 2007 we have managed Cochrane’s Community Food Drives that support the the Cochrane Activettes Food Bank. Our four annual food drives require large teams of volunteers to collect food donations directly from doorsteps in Cochrane and Western Rocky View. In 2022 we had 522 volunteers work a collective 1367 hours to successfully execute food collection from every Cochrane community.

In 2023, Community Food Drives are being held:

March 25  – East Central

April 22 – West Side

September 23 – North End

October 21 – South End

Learn more about the Community Food Drives.

Community Check In2023-08-30T20:57:59+00:00

The Community Check In program helps connect and support isolated members in the community through phone calls or text messages. Volunteers are matched with those in need, and can participate on their own schedule. All you need is a phone and the desire to connect with individuals in the area who would benefit from a sense of support and community.

This program is a great chance to reach out to those members of our community who may be struggling.

Sign up to volunteer in the Community Check In program here.

Caring Neighbours2023-08-30T20:58:30+00:00

The Caring Neighbours program was created as a way to assist clients after injury or illness. Volunteers donate their time to run errands, complete handyman tasks, or help with home organizing and/or downsizing. You can select the Caring Neighbours projects that are the best fit for your own skills. The program also provides community members with the support and companionship they need to live their best lives.

If this program sounds like a good fit for you, please sign up to become a Caring Neighbour!

Meals on Wheels2022-08-18T17:15:09+00:00

Whether it’s navigating life with a new baby, an unexpected or chronic illness, living with a disability, the loss of a loved one, divorce or simply the natural effects of aging, Calgary Meals on Wheels is there to provide the comfort of healthy, delicious meals and our Helping Hands volunteers collect these pre-ordered meals and deliver them to Cochrane FCSS every Tuesday for pick up.

Click to learn more.

  Helping Hands Cochrane Latest News!

Our first ever Harsh Weather Haven is open and operational today (and tomorrow) from 12-4pm at (@cochraneunited) St. Andrew's United Church. Welcoming anyone who needs reprieve from the cold weather 🥶 our volunteers are ready to offer some warm conversation and basic essentials 💚 come on in - we got you!If you or your business would like to be a partner location for Helping Hands Harsh Weather Havens please contact us. We are actively seeking additional locations all over town.#HelpingHandsCochrane #harshweatherhaven #CochraneAlberta #innfromthecold #homelessoutreach #homelesslivesmatter ... See MoreSee Less
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So many of the clients we serve are like Mary or a version of her circumstances. We are counted on by countless members in the community and we provide all our programs free from barriers, applications and restrictions. Mary could be your Mom or Grandma. Maybe your Auntie or a neighbour. Whoever she is - we walk for Mary.Support our efforts: Mary, a resilient older adult who recently lost her husband and finds herself without local social support. Mary and her husband moved to our community years ago, creating cherished memories with their grandchildren. However, as life unfolded, those family members moved to Vancouver for work, leaving Mary to face life's challenges on her own.Mary has been retired for a couple of decades, managing to cover basic expenses with just enough income to fall outside the eligibility for social assistance. Despite her self-sufficiency, a recent fall resulting in a serious knee injury has added a new layer of difficulty to Mary's life, requiring surgery.This is where Helping Hands comes alongside Mary to provide compassionate support. Our innovative programs and dedicated volunteers are here to assist Mary every step of the way. With our door-to-door Volunteer Driver service, Mary can easily attend all her medical appointments, including the upcoming surgery. Our Snow Helpers will ensure that her sidewalk remains clear throughout the winter, eliminating any worries about safe home access.Our Caring Neighbours volunteers will ensure that Mary’s home is arranged for her recovery; that our Meal Team’s home-made meals have been well stocked in Mary’s freezer, that fresh groceries from the Free Food Sheds are in the fridge and even walk Mary’s dog while she recovers.Our Community Check In volunteers make daily calls and/or send thoughtful texts to connect with Mary, ensuring her well-being and lifting her spirits. We believe that through collective kindness, we can make a positive impact in Mary's life during this challenging time.We walk for clients like Mary. Your support can make a significant difference in ensuring her well-being and providing the comfort and care she deserves. Together, let's create a community where no one faces adversity alone. #walkwithus or donate at: #CochraneCNOY #cnoy24 #helpinghandscochrane #cochranealebrta #servingthevulnerable #hurthungryhomeless #lookcloser ... See MoreSee Less
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Our Supporters

To make a difference in our Community today click Donate Now or send a cheque payable to Helping Hands Society of Cochrane and Area PO Box 1045, Cochrane, AB  T4C 1B1. Tax Receipts are provided for donations greater than $20. Tax Receipts are provided annually or upon request.

Helping Hands is funded and supported by a variety of government, community non profit partners, local businesses,  and large companies that support our mission and vision.


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