Over this past holiday week, while the Sheds were open, being stocked daily by our staff and volunteers to serve the Cochrane community. They were abused. Stolen from. And sadly mistreated. These Sheds are A LOT of work without the hassle of stolen items and mistreatment. But stealing these essential items that actually assist the Sheds in function and service is completely disheartening.

These Sheds are a mutual aid project: food for the community, supplied by the community. It is 100% everyone’s responsibility, who uses or donates to these Sheds to help manage and maintain their integrity. Help us protect the Sheds!

Disclaimer: the solution to this problem is NOT surveillance or supervision or some form of basic vetting on who is worthy to use these Sheds. That’s authoritarianism (a way of governing that values order and control over personal freedom) and there’s no place for that at our Sheds. The solution here is KINDNESS. The Sheds offer kindness and grace to the community every single day. The expectation of that in return should be obvious.

Things stolen from the Sheds over Christmas holidays:

  • Garbage can and lid
  • Drawer from the fridge
  • Extra heater (ripped from the wall)
  • Pylons