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This program is designed to help Newcomers get acquainted with Cochrane and meet new friends. Helping Hands partners with the Cochrane Immmigrant Services Committee to produce an Annual Citizenship Ceremony and host 2 Newcomer Nights.

Volunteers would spend some time visiting and answering the client’s questions about how life in Cochrane Alberta works. ie. Where to find a doctor, dentist, the library, recreation centre, etc. and explain what facilities and other resources we have available in our town. Help them feel welcome, informed and connected!

We do have a need for Professional Mentors as well (Get Involved). Some Newcomers have questions about the Canadian workforce and how it functions. They are looking for career advice on where and how to apply for jobs. Volunteers are not expected to find jobs for the Newcomer but rather be a Canadian advisor on how to go about “getting a foot in the door.”

Some Newcomer Helpers in our program have been matched with volunteers based on common hobbies or interests. This prevents isolation that many Newcomers experience because they don’t know where to turn to find social networks.

Do you have a special skill, talent or hobby you would be willing to share to make Cochrane a more welcoming place for an newcomer? Cooking, kayaking, knitting, carpentry, hiking, scrapbooking or just socializing at a coffee house? Any of these shared with a new friend would help to make them feel more at home.

Contact us if you would like to be involved!

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