• Thank You ATB Meal Team!!
    Thank You ATB Meal Team!!
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    Thank you to Kaizen Auto
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    Mom's Make A Difference
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The Meal Teams Program which was started in 2016 is a volunteer activity for groups or families seeking a way to assist individuals or families  experiencing difficult time or in crisis by providing them with the gift of a homemade nutritious dinner. Prepared meals are created at the commercial kitchen at our our Partner Seniors on the Bow. The meals  distributed to struggling members of the community, such as those in distress due to illness or loss. The program is ideal for groups of 8 to 10  and have included in the past Church Groups,  Small Business, Families, Sports Teams or volunteer days. Generally, it takes 3-4 hours to prepare and create the meals.  Past meals have included Lasagna, Shepherds pie, Japanese Meatballs and Rice and Casseroles.

Now seeking Meal Teams for Early 2020 – please EMAIL programsmanager@helpinghandscochrane.ca to volunteer.

Thank you to “Seniors on the Bow” for the use of the commercial kitchen.
Click HERE to learn more about Seniors on the Bow and their programs.