We would love to have you join our volunteer team!

We have a new volunteer management software.

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There are opportunities to fit any situation, whether it is one-to-one with an isolated senior, providing handyman duties, working as a team or family to help a family in need, or joining in the fun of the Food Drive. Mature adults can help less mobile seniors. There is an increasing need for volunteer drivers, which can sometimes fit in with the volunteer’s schedule or plans, and is always appreciated.

Call 587-580-9448 if you want to get involved!

volunteersSome examples of requests we fill:

  • visiting isolated seniors
  • running errands for those recovering from surgery
  • performing small repair jobs
  • befriending a new immigrant
  • tutoring a child
  • giving a break to caregivers
  • assisting with yard work or moving
  • snow removal
  • helping with light housework

Please click here to see all the services and programs offered through Helping Hands.

Success Story

A perfect example of how amazing our volunteers are came from a recent winter snowfall event – involving a retired couple with health related limitations. Helping Hands was contacted by their son who lives out of town. Through a wonderful Snow Helper Program volunteer, Helping Hands was able to keep the snow shoveled even though the snow event lasted several days.

The couple and their son both called to thank Helping Hands. This Snow Helper volunteer not only provided snow removal, but also formed a lasting friendship with the senior couple, (helping to fight social isolation for everyone involved).

Thank you!

Thank you to all the volunteers who have helped and continue to assist with Helping Hands. Please continue to spread the word about this worthy program helping others in our own community.